Foodhall Scheveningen


Foodhall Scheveningen takes inspiration from the atmosphere of a welcoming, Hip cosmopolitan market; full of lights, sounds and energy. Where you can eat and drink together in one beautiful location and with the bonus of a cosy bar. The range of food stands is both global and international. After taking a tour of the various food stands, it’s time to make your choice. Will it be Fish and Chips, Caribbean, Japanese Sushi, Greek Gyros, Spare-Ribs, Vietnamese Pho, Chinese Dim Sum, Italian Pizza Al taglio, Meat on a Stick , Spanish Churros, Pad-thai, Mexican Taco’s or something else? Or perhaps you are going for a plate of fresh oysters, a special local dish or a succulent burger? At Foodhall Scheveningen there is always something for everyone!


  • De Scheveningse Oesterbar
  • Lana’s Surinam Kitchen
  • Wan Tsam Dim Sum
  • Wan Tsam Roast
  • Churros & More
  • La Catrina Mexican Kitchen
  • Meat on a Stick
  • Pazze e Pizze
  • Pad Thai
  • Saigon Streetfood 
  • De Resident Burgers & Ribs
  • Amier Libanese Kitchen
  • Gyros Express
  • Sushi Sando
  • Bobo Bar Bubbletea
Sunday – Thursday 12:00 – 22:00
Friday – Saturday 12:00 – 00:00 (kitchens closes at 22:00)
Foodhall Scheveningen B.V.
Strandweg 161
2586 JM Den Haag
070 223 00 88
Public transport bus and tram stops are a 3-minute walk away:
  • take tram 1 or 9 
  • take bus 21 or 23.
  • Zwarte Pad Tram/Bus Stop