Welcome to The Hague! You have applied to study at Leiden University in the coming year. A new and exciting phase in your life awaits you, in which we would like to lend you a hand. To help you get to know your new student city, we organise the introduction program HOPweek, especially for you and all other first-year students!

The introduction period (HOPweek) will take place from 19-23 August 2024. During the HOP you will be assigned to a group of about 10-15 fellow students. This group will be guided by two senior students; your mentors.

Registration will open in mid-June via an email invite. To be able to sign up for HOPweek you have to be a student at Leiden University starting your studies in the fall semester in The Hague. 

If you have any questions regarding registration don’t hesitate to reach out to 


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Information for parents

Your child will soon be studying at Leiden University! The transition from secondary school to university is a big step. To help your child get acquainted with their new university town, we organise the introduction programme, HOPWEEK, especially for them and all other new students. During this programme they get to know the new student city, the new study programme and student life.
At the beginning of the week the participants are divided into groups of 10 to 15 students (this is the aim). This way, the students immediately get to know their fellow students. The HOPWEEK is therefore not a hazing. Under the guidance of two older students (mentors) they will learn all ins-and-outs about everything that is involved in studying!

When is HOPWEEK?
This year the HOPWEEK will take place at 19-23 August 2024.

Why participate in the HOPWEEK?
We would like to make clear that it is important to participate in the HOPWEEK. Although the HOPWEEK is not essential to start a study, the HOPWEEK will introduce your child to the total picture of studying in Leiden. We notice that many people book their holiday during the HOPWEEK or assume that they are familiar enough with the city of The Hague, the study or the student life. However, we want to emphasize that by walking through the week with the group of fellow students, the future student will become familiar with all the new aspects of Leiden. Through the HOPWEEK your child will have a fantastic week, will have good knowledge about studying and will get to know fellow students who can become friends for life.

Programme HOPWEEK
We recommend that your child participates in all programme components of HOPWEEK, so that he/she can learn as much as possible about all the possibilities that studying in The Hague entails. However, participants are free to decide for themselves whether they want to participate in something or not. The programme has an end time every day, but this does not mean that your child has to stay until the end time. If your child wants to go home after dinner, or after the evening activity, that is no problem at all!