Mentor committee

Join Our Mentor Committee for HOP 2024! 

Are you ready to lead, inspire, and make a difference? We’re looking for dedicated individuals with excellent communication, teamwork, responsibility, and organizational skills to join our dynamic team. From recruiting members to training sessions and hands-on support during the event, this is your chance to play a crucial role in shaping an unforgettable experience! Apply now, and be a part of something truly extraordinary!


Have you also experienced so many wonderful moments during your time as a participant in the HOPweek? Would you like to pass on all your enthusiasm about studying, living, and partying in The Hague? Then sign up as a mentor! 

As a mentor, you will, together with your fellow mentor, take care of a group of approximately 10-15 participants. During the HOPweek you will introduce them to everything The Hague has to offer: the city, their studies, and student life in The Hague. You will lead your group along with all events, make sure they get acquainted with the options student life has to offer, and try to let them find their place in The Hague. Together with your group, you will have a fantastic HOPweek!


The crew is the silent force behind every event during the HOPweek. You help with the assembly and disassembly of an event, stand behind the bar, man a van or watch over the sleeping participants. Would you like to record all this? Then media crew might be the thing for you!

Your crew period starts with a crew day! There you learn all the ins and outs of being a crew member and you meet your fellow crew members. During the HOPweek you will work a minimum number of shifts. What do you get in return? You get access to all HOPweek activities, you receive your own crewshirt and you can create a very cool event with a group of students. Of course, we will also make sure there will be meals available during your shifts.

Media Crew

The MediaCrew of the HOPweek is responsible for all news items, photos, videos and social media posts. During the HOPweek you will work together with a group of enthusiastic students to shape this great week visually and textually. So do you want to develop yourself in this field and create content for thousands of future students? Then the MediaCrew is something for you!

You will work behind the scenes of the HOPweek and make sure that everything is visualised as good as possible. Top photographers, hobby film makers, journalistic talents and content lovers are therefore very important to keep everything up-to-date. With a close-knit media group you will work hard to make the HOPweek visible during the week.