What is HOPweek

The Hague Orientation Programme (HOP) is part of Leiden University, which is located in two cities: Leiden and The Hague. In the academic year 2015-2016, the Leiden University took the decision to not only organise an introduction week in Leiden (The EL CID), but to also organise an introduction week in The Hague: The Hague Orientation Programme, or, as we know it better, HOPweek. This Introduction Week is catered for students of the Bachelor programmes Public Administration, International Studies, International Relations & Organisations, Security Studies and Urban Studies. The week is also perfect for  students in Leiden University College (LUC) and students of the Master programmes taught in the Hague. 

The HOPweek is a full, five-day programme designed to help incoming students find their way in their new home, explore and become comfortable travelling and studying in The Hague, and forge friendships with fellow students that can last for years! 

Want to know if the HOPweek is for you? Send us an email: info@hop.leidenuniv.nl

First Pillar: Sustainability

One of the things we as HOPweek strive for is making the most sustainable choices possible. We realize that we cannot only make the sustainable choice for the HOPweek, but also make all our participants aware of the option to go for sustainability in the rest of their student time.

Some of the sustainable choices we will make for the HOPweek 2024 are serving flexitarian meals mostly vegan/vegetarian, switching from plastic disposable cups to recyclable ones and cooperating with local businesses as much as possible to limit the number of transport kilometres.
During the events in our HOPweek, we will give our participants tools to make sustainable choices during their time as a student at Leiden University.

Second Pillar: Diversity

Our aim is to cater towards the truly international student body at Leiden University Campus the Hague. This includes using our theme to cater to every student as a part of HOPweek. This year, we plan to make our activities more inclusive for students with disabilities and cater to international students. Furthermore, we plan to have a diverse food plan throughout the week to show the wealth of diversity at our university. We also aim to make HOPweek a safe space for diversity and related topics such as culture changes, inclusion, racism and LBGTQ+ to be discussed as a part of events and activities.

Third Pillar: Student well-being

Student well-being is an important part of HOPweek. We plan to provide full information to students about the resources at their disposal- such as student psychologists, and the USC Sports center. At the forefront of this are also the student and study organizations at Wijnhaven, which we will introduce to new students through HOPweek. Through these initiatives, we aim to boost the sense of community and togetherness for students, aiming for the best welfare both mentally and physically. Physical health and Mental health are at the spearhead of student well-being. Welcoming new students also means equipping them with the tools necessary for them to thrive.