Student life in The Hague

The Hague is characterized as an international city of peace and justice, a city by the sea, the centre of the government, a nesting place for leading companies and institutions as well as a royal residence and a city with allure. The presence of the government, international courts, embassies and national and international companies has meant that the city has generated great international reputation. In addition, The Hague has a good combination of busy city life and quiet nature close by.

With approximately 3000 students of Leiden University, The Hague is becoming a real student city. The many student associations and study associations contribute to this vibrant student life. Participating in The HOPweek is an excellent opportunity to get to know The Hague, both the city and its student life!

When you study in The Hague, you study at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs or the Faculty of Humanities. Most classes take place at the buildings located at Schouwburgstraat and the new building Wijnhaven since January 2017.

Did you know that…

  • The Hague has two beaches?
  • The Hague has two cinemas?
  • The Hague has 21 museums?
  • The Hague has 155 embassies?
  • The Hague has 231 bars?
  • The Hague has 725 restaurants?

You will get to see these during The HOPweek, so sign in!


University Buildings

Campus The Hague owns several University buildings, where you can study and learn more about your course:

  • Schouwburgstraat, Schouwburgstraat 2
  • Wijnhaven, Turfmarkt 99
  • Leiden University College (LUC), Anna van Buerenplein 301
  • Beehive Student Centre, Turfmarkt 104
  • Stichthage, Floor 13,  Kon. Julianaplein 10

You will visit your faculty building and programme at Wednesday morning during The HOPweek.


Study Associations

Every course in The Hague has its own study association, with members of the same course you have joined. As a member, you can join their workshops, parties, trips, theme nights and many more. Moreover, they offer discounts on the course literature. Below you can find the list of study associations in The Hague:

  • BASIS (International Studies) 
  • B.I.L. (Bestuurskunde) 
  • Fortuna (Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global affairs) 
  • Custodia (Security Studies and Crisis and Security Management)
  • SPIL (International Relations and Organisations)
  • IRSA (Master International Relations and Diplomacy)

During The HOPweek, you will get to know the study association of your study programme. Learn more about them at their web page.


Student Associations

Besides of study associations, The Hague also has plenty student associations. Everyone student can become a member, so you will meet people that are not participating in your course. There are many types of student associations, for example sport associations, game associations, and international organisations. During The HOPweek, you can become a member of a student association. When you sign up for The HOPweek, you can choose to stay in an association members’ dorm. And do not be scared, The HOPweek is not a hazing. Look at these web pages to get more information about the student associations:

Haagsche Studenten Vereeniging

H.S.C. INTAC van Zwijndregt 

H.S.R.V. Pelargos

Haagsch Studenten Schutters Korps ‘Pro Libertate’

Navigators studentenvereniging Den Haag

Besides of the student associations in The Hague, you will also discover some associations of Leiden during The HOPweek, like ISN Leiden and Leiden United.



One of the biggest advantages of being a student is that you will be offered many discounts. Many museums and other activities have a reduced tariff for students. Never forget to take your LU-card, so you can identify as a Leiden University student.



Dutch public transport can be pretty harsh to understand. The App 9292 helps you figure out how to use public transport. Download before the start of The HOPweek, so you won’t get lost.

Just like the rest of Holland, many people ride bikes in The Hague. It is really useful to have one, especially during the introduction week.

This year, The HOPweek built the official HOPweek App, in which you can find details and practical information about the programme. After you have signed up, you have to download the App on your mobile phone, so you won’t get lost during the programme.


Click here for more information about The Hague.