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The Hague Orientation Programme (The HOP) is the official introduction week for students of Leiden University in The Hague. During The HOPweek, Dutch and international students get to know The Hague, the university, the student life and possibly your business. This week, the students will get first impressions that will last throughout their student time and perhaps the rest of their lives. As a partner of The HOP, you have the unique opportunity to be part of these first impressions. This way, the students will get to know your company the way you would like them to.

The HOPweek will take place from Monday August 19 until Friday August 23, 2019.

Target audience
The Dutch and international students are at the start of their study. The students arrive in a new city and have not yet connected with any organizations or companies. Therefore, the target audience is a perfect way to increase your market share. The HOPweek offers you the opportunity to make a first impression on these students. Moreover, The HOPweek is supported by many volunteers. Volunteers are students that already studying in The Hague and are therefore already connected with the student life there.

The HOPweek will consist of a very diverse programme of activities. Getting to know different organizations and companies will be a central element in this week. Regarding our partnership, it is our main goal to personalize your promotional campaign to your company’s wishes. In our prospectus, you will find an overview of different promotional possibilities to bring your company into contact with the students. However, this is just a selection of all the possibilities. In consultation, almost anything is possible. It is our pleasure to design a promotion strategy according to your wishes. Therefore, we would like to invite you to contact us.