The perfect beginning of your student life!

The HOPweek: 20 – 24 August 2018

The HOP18 Magazine is out! Download it by clicking on the link below:

HOP 2018 Magazine

Are you going to study at Leiden University in The Hague? Join The HOPweek!

We offer you:

  • An unforgettable introduction week for you, your fellow group members and your guides.
  • Plenty activities in the week of the 20th  until the 24th of August.
  • An introduction to The Hague, study life and student life.

Click here for the programme, which will be updated regularly.


Participation in The HOPweek costs 80 euros. This includes all activities organised by The HOP Committee, as well as all lunches and dinners from Monday evening until Friday.


I’m a Bachelor student

The HOPweek is the perfect start for a new student. You will get to know associations and organisations, and also learn where all University buildings are located. Learn about all our student hacks. 


I’m a Master student

The HOPweek is the perfect start of your stay in The Hague and the last phase of your student life. HOP into your future. We have created special groups with only Master students, and have organised a special programme, which you can check out here.


I’m an international student

The HOPweek is the perfect opportunity to get to know the Netherlands, The Hague and everything that goes with it. Learn more about customs, student life and the international side of The Hague.


Registration for The HOPweek 2018 is now open! You will receive an email with a personal link when you can register. After you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation email. In August, you will receive more information about the programme, your group, and where and when you will be expected on Monday August 20. If you have experience any problems during the registration or if you have questions, you can contact Commissioner Participants Jeanine Noordhuis at

You can register online until August 13, 2018. After that, it is only possible to register in person by stopping by our office at the 15th-19th of August from 13:00 until 16:00. If you want to cancel your registration, email Commissioner Participants Jeanine Noordhuisat If you want to receive a refund, you have to cancel before August 13, 2018. Keep in mind that the process of getting a refund takes a while, so you will not have your money back immediately.