It’s still possible to sign up for the online HOPweek! Physical HOPweek tickets are currently SOLD OUT.

Keep an eye on the registration form should someone cancel or sign up for the online programme.

Are you planning to start your study at Leiden University in The Hague in 2021? Then you can join the HOPweek 2021! 

Congratulations and thank you for applying to Leiden University*. It looks like you are one of the students who will be joining Leiden University, The Hague campus this coming fall semester. We would like to invite you to the Hague Orientation Program 2021 (HOPweek 2021) of Leiden University. To register you have already received an email from the HOP with the link to the registration form. Only new first-year students at studies in The Hague can sign up. Please note: tickets for the physical HOPweek are now SOLD OUT, however it is still possible to sign up for the online version of the HOPweek!

HOPweek 2021: 23-27 August 2021

Wondering what HOPweek 2021 will look like even during the pandemic?

To make it a Covid-19 safe introduction week, HOPweek 2021 will be conducted in 2 formats, ‘Physical HOPweek’ and ‘Online HOPweek’. Both of these programs are going to be a great week of culture, fun, university life, student life and of course getting to know The Hague – your new home!

(CURRENTLT SOLD OUT) In the ‘Physical HOPweek’, you will be introduced to your faculty, the beautiful city of The Hague, and the student life. Most importantly, you will get to know your fellow students and have a fantastic first week in The Hague! Along with that, there will be many more different activities that will make HOPweek, the best time of your life. Since we have planned many fun and interesting activities for you, it’s possible that you feel hungry in the afternoon. But don’t’ worry. We are going to provide you with a nice lunch.

Important: – Unfortunately, given Covid-19 regulations, there are a limited number of tickets for physical HOPweek, right now the tickets for physical HOPweek are SOLD OUT.

In the ‘Online HOPweek’ you will be introduced to your faculty and get a virtual tour of the beautiful city of The Hague. Along with that, you will virtually learn about the exciting student life in this city. Moreover, there will be a bunch of interesting activities which you will do virtually with your group. However, since this will be an online program, no lunch or other physical facilities will be provided in this program.

To know more about the programme please click HERE

Registration Cost

The registration fee for the Physical HOPweek 2021 will be €85 **

The registration fee for the Online HOPweek 2021 will be €7 **

HOP App and Schedule

Both online and in-person participants will need to make use of the HOP, 2021 app. This will be a secured app that will give you access to the HOPweek events as per your registration.

Once you signed up and paid for the HOPweek 2021 through the link above, you will receive more information about the app. The information on the app will become available shortly before the HOPweek 2021 starts. You can access the HOP app on your PC or laptop as well as download it on your phone or tablet and you will be asked to register for it once.

For more program details and updates, please follow our Instagram page You are not on Instagram? No problem, you can also check our Facebook page Important updates regarding HOPweek will be communicated to you via email. 

Deadline for registration

The deadline for the registration of the online HOPweek is the 6th August 2021, 23:59 CET.

Also note that there will be a limited number of tickets for the physical HOPweek hence, registrations for physical HOPweek will be open only until the maximum capacity is reached. However, there is no limit for the online programme.

Refund Policy

Please note that we do not offer refunds unless for very pressing matters which we will evaluate on an individual basis.

In case you have any further questions feel free to contact at

So are you excited for the HOPweek 2021? Because we are excited to make HOPweek 2021 to be the best time of your life. We hope to see you soon.

On behalf of the HOP board 2021,

Rupak Deore

Commissioner Participants & Internal Affairs

*Disclaimer: Please note that the invitation or acceptance to the Hague Program does not mean you have been accepted into Leiden University. You can only register for The Hague Orientation Program if you have been admitted to a study or program at Leiden University Campus, The Hague, and expect to meet all your conditions of admission (if applicable) before the start date of your study program.

**Both registration fees are including VAT and service costs.









If you have any remaining questions about signing up for the HOPweek? Please let me know and we will help you out!

Send me an email

Rupak Deore 
Commissioner Participants