HOP Starter Pack

Introducing HOP Student deals!

Dear student,
This year, we have worked together with our partners to bring you the best deals to start off your year as a student in the Hague! Below you can find several of them, and many more are coming!
If you have any questions about these deals, feel free to contact me!

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Student essentials


CampusShop Selection Guide


Deciding which laptop to buy is not easy. CampusShop helps you! Click below for their laptop selection guide!


Get a bike at Swapfiets!


Swapfiets is world’s first bicycle company. For a fixed monthly fee you will get a Swapfiets. We make sure it always works!

What if your bike breaks down? Please contact us! Within a day we’ll come to you, wherever you are in The Hague, to fix it or change it for a working one. We call this ‘Swapping’.

We offer you a Swapfiets introduction week deal: the first 3 months for €11,50 per month. After this period your subscription could be terminated with a one month notice period. Pick up your bike at the start of the HOPweek on Monday August 19th!

Check our website for more information: www.swapfiets.nl/introductieweek


Introweek Deal



Get a digital International Student-ID (ISIC)!


In your registration for the HOPweek 2019, make sure to order your personal ISIC now via HOP for 10 EUR (normally 12) and save a lot of money for one entire year.


Finance & Health



Rabo Student Account


The HOPweek has a partnering deal with Rabobank. Their free Rabo Student Account (Rabo StudentenPakket) features a bank card to be used at ATM’s and shops in The Netherlands and Europe. It also provides you with access to Rabo internet banking on computer and smartphone.

Together with the Warm Welcome Service of Leiden University, we would like to help all international students in opening up a Dutch bank account. By clicking the button below you can make an appointment with Rabobank the Hague to get started. Make sure to do so prior to the HOPweek, so you will be all set to start your student life in the Hague!

Make an appointment


Aon Student Insurance 


To make sure that you have a careless period of study in the Netherlands, Leiden University requires their international students to get an insurance package that covers preexisting conditions. Leiden University can recommend the tailor made ICS Complete+ insurance policy for both non EU and for EU students. As the insurance is a package deal, apart from Medical costs, you are also insured for Home contents and baggage, Liability, Accidents, Extra costs and 24/7 emergency assistance helpline and Legal aid!

As one of HOPweek its main partners, Aon arranges student insurance for new (international) students coming to The Hague. Together with the Warm Welcome Service of Leiden University, they can help you in making all the needed arrangements before starting your time as a student in The Hague.

Request insurance




Order your HOPweek T-Shirt!

In your registration for the HOPweek 2019, make sure to order

your HOP T-shirt for only €12,50!


Leiden University Facilities


University Sports Centre

HOP Participants are now entitled to a €25,- discount on a year membership at the University Sports Centre (USC) The Buzz. Pay only € 120,10 for 12 months of sporting pleasure. That is only €10,- per month! You can register now by clicking the button below!

Register online

Leiden Academic Course Center

The Leiden Academic Course Center is part of Leiden University and offers a large variety of courses in the categories: dance, art, drama, photography, writing, music & singing. From the over 65 courses, more than 45 courses are also given in English. They aim to offer inspirational and creative courses, to discover and develop your talents and also to meet others with the same interests. Also, as a Leiden University student you will receive a big discount on the course fees.

Check out our programme starting September 2019:

Fall programme