New HOP Board 2022

We are looking for six edition enthusiastic students to organise Leiden University’s Campus The Hague’s Introduction Week: HOPweek 2022!

General information

What does it mean to become a HOP board member?

The main task of the HOP board is to organise HOPweek 2020; however, it is more than just event management. A big part of a board year is learning new skills that will help your future career. You will gain professional skills from working with outside partners, learn about graphic design and social media as well as work with other study and student associations. Each board position has a different function with different skills to acquire (see below); but keep in mind that it is a team effort to organise HOP. Next to your position you work together to plan the different activities in the HOP, create new ideas and achieve the impossible.

Being a board member also means that you work with other study and student associations both in the Hague and Leiden, as well as with our sister organisations of OWL and ELCID. This means you attend Constitution Borrels, have great times (maybe even a board trip) with your other board members and get to know student life outside of your study.


Board positions

Board Position

What is your responsibility?

What will you learn?


Develops corporate strategy and attract our partners; you have to communicate our vision to them and find deals in which interest of both are met.



Financial planning


Organising the behind the scenes of the week; applying for permits, planning out the locations and ensures the event planning

Organisation skills


Contacting suppliers


Is the first point of contact for all the participants of HOPweek and represents their interests. Also responsible for marketing the HOPweek on Open Days.

Organizational skills




Makes sure we have all the helping hands during the week (Mentors and Crew) as well as organising the Training Day. Supervises   200 volunteers.





Takes care of the finances and budget planning for the whole year. Also liaises between Leiden and external parties. Sets financial parameters for all the other board functions.





Ensures the team functions, keeps track of the overall year plan and represents the HOP Board to the university and other organizations.


Short & long term Planning

Project Management


Questions? You can contact us via:


Phone:   070 800 9981

Come by: Beehive Student Centre (opposite Campus Wijnhaven)

                   Ground Floor

                   Turfmarkt 104

                   2511DC Den Haag