COVID-19 Measures HOP

One can check the GGD Hollands Midden letter to international students HERE.

What precautions have we as an organization taken during the physical introduction week?

  • The group-based activities are never with more than 100 people at the same location at the same time.
  • Activities take place outdoors as much as possible in spacious areas, where possible with allotted spaces to maintain ample distance.
  • All university buildings use routes and have sanitary posts at the entrances.
  • Guides have been thoroughly instructed to provide the group with the best possible guidance on hygiene and safety measures.
  • The groups have been reduced to a maximum size of 15 people, consisting of 13 participants and 2 guides, so that you can walk freely in the city and maintain the 1.5 meter guideline.
  • There are crew members who clean everything regularly at the events.

What is expected of you during the physical introduction week?

  • At all times: Keep a distance of 1,5 meters (4.92 ft.) away from everybody else. This includes your fellow group members and Guides.
  • If you experience any complaints similar to a cold, a cough, shortness of breath, an increase in body temperature or fever, or sudden pain or /and loss of taste, stay home! Even if it is just one of these complaints and it feels very innocent to you, we take it very seriously and strongly request you not to attend the HOP activities. (Do remember to inform your Guides).
  • If you feel fine in the morning but one or more of the afore mentioned symptoms occur during the day, inform your guides and go home. If needed, they will help you to get home safely.
  • Stay with your group and stick to your shifts at all times. Do not join up with other groups who also roam the city as larger groups make it more difficult to maintain the required distance.
  • If an optional sign-up shift is full, do not come anyway. We have strict maximum capacity and you will be turned away on location.
  • Wash or disinfect your hands as often as possible!
  • If you cannot suppress a sneeze or cough (perhaps you suffer from allergies or hay fever) please try to sneeze in your elbow or make sure you cover your mouth. If needed, wash your hands!
  • Listen to any directions from the HOP organisation: We can only have a physical HOP if we all stick to the safety rules.