Accommodation during the HOPweek

HOPweek Dorms

Especially for our participants who do not manage to find a place to stay during
the week, we have arranged sleeping spots in a sports hall during the week. You
can register for this option while you sign up for HOPweek or by sending an email
to our commissioner participants Ryan van Osch at The accommodation will be open from Sunday
the 16th until Saturday the 22th and will cost €50.
H.S.R.V. Pelargos, the student rowing association of The Hague, also offers a
limited amount of sleeping places in their houses during the week. If you are
interested in possibly joining the rowing team and in staying with some of their
members during the week, you can contact Pelargos by sending an email to This is a great way to get introduced to the student
culture of The Hague!